The residue of the mesocarp of the fruit of the coconut palm (Coconut nucifera), fibers and coconut powder, have been used for horticultural ornamental purposes and as potting soil. At GREENPOINT NATURA we began to select part of this product for its many uses in the production of artificial lawn.

GREENPOINT NATURA and our suppliers have successfully managed to adapt this material and obtain a homogenous product which is controlled at origin.

Obtaining the grain of coco

Harvest. Palma coconuts nucifera

Washing. With clean water.

Composted. Between 5 months and 1 year. It involves a grain of higher quality and longest (10 years)

Separation fibers and fine particles.

Process that ensures homogeneity.

Separation of materials: use artificial turf, agricultural use, ornamental use.

Coconut Grain advantages

Reduce water consumption

The coconut grain retains water and holds it for longer.

High temperature

Because of its naturally porous structure, the relative humidity of the ground remains higher under high temperatures.

Light weight

Easy and comparatively inexpensive to transport.


Both people and pets will find this a pleasant scent remi-niscent of natural wood.


Its composition makes it cool in summer and warm in winter.

Visual effect

Its wooden components resemble natural ground.


Pleasant, light and smooth to walk on.

Maximum security

Non- Toxic for either children or pats.

Clean and environmentally friendly,

Fácil de Reciclar. Ecológico

Easy to clean in swimming pools.

It floats in water. Easy to remove from the body, it is not scorching!


Profile layers artificial lawn installation


Coconut Grain

Silica sand


How is applied COCOGreen?


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Where is applied COCOGreen?

Places of recreation

Football fields

Gardens and terraces